Custom Tanning: Most taxidermist send out their capes to factories to be tanned before mounting. At Exploding Pill Taxidermy all capes are tanned in house to assure your cape gets the best care possible. You can also be assured that you will get your cape back with less color fading than most factory tans. By doing all of our own tanning it cuts 6-9 months off of your wait to get your mount back into your home.

Shoulder Mounts: Lifesize Mounts:

Deer/Pronghorn $585
Elk $1050
Moose $1500 Bear $2500
Coyote/ Bobcat/ Badger $400 Coyote/ Bobcat $900

* Special Sculpting/Positioning available @ additional cost $50.00 per hour
* Open Mouth add $100-300
* Removable Antlers $ 100-250 per side


Closed Wing $250- 625 Depending on Species and Size Call for quote
Open Wing add 30%
Turkeys $575
Turkeys Flying or Strutting $800.00
Turkeys Fanned with Beard $200.00


$19.00 per inch one sided
$23.00 per inch for two sided
Reproduction Fish $19.00 per inch plus cost of Blank

Habitat is priced on request
All Prices are subject to change without notice.
Please call for quotes. This is a basic price list, listing the most common mounts.